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Jewellery Display // Brushed Light Silver


Product Description

Modern Jewellery Display – Brushed Silver

Function meets style with H+G’s new Modern Jewellery Display. A statement piece in it’s own right the jewellery display allows you to display all your beautiful jewellery and accessories in a stylish and organised way.


Anodised brushed aluminium frame with a suede leather strap


Width: 45cm
Height: 66cm
Depth: 5cm
Weight: 1.3kg

Strap Colour options:

Suede Leather with tan backing rounded ends and stitched edges

Mushroom (Cream)


The Jewellery Display can either sit on a ledge/benchtop or be hung from a wall. Please note hanging hooks are not included (to suit hook of a minimum depth or 3.5cm

Lead Time:

We aim to get your Jewellery Display off between 2-5 working days.


Behind the design- the majority of my jewellery collection has been victim to being put in the draw and forgotten about or has become tangled and damaged at some stage or another, I thought there must be a much better solution for storing my jewellery. There were some nice jewellery boxes but I wanted something you could visually see your collection, choose what you want to wear, swap it over and go. Given a distinct lack of jewellery displays available I got drawing, designing, refining and prototyping. My goal was to be able to store a wide variety of your favourite pieces- earrings, watches, bracelets, necklaces, rings on a modern jewellery display. The design was based around function, simplicity but I also wanted to keep with our theme of our designs having clean lines that includes a mix of texture and natural products.  After around 10 months of designing and trailing we’ve come up with a design that offers a unique solution to modern jewellery display. We’ve also cater for those on “Team Gold” and “Team Silver” with our two models which come with the option of three strap colours to chosen from to suit in with your current home décor. We hope you and your neglected jewellery collection love our new design #savejewellery #showusyourjewels !
Designed by Hailey.
Launched: 15th August 2016


On team gold not silver? Check here to see our gold version- here


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