Biscuit Suede Strap Side Table // Nordic


Product Description

Biscuit Leather Strap Side Table Shelf~ Nordic

Beautiful suede leather straps with rounded tops, edge stitching and a dark tan backing takes #shelfie to a whole new level.

Designed by the H&G team as a luxe versions of our ever so popular leather strap shelves. The suede shelf has a minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic with a touch of luxe.

Biscuit Leather Strap Shelves –


Biscuit Suede Face with Tan Backing

Genuine leather with suede finish on the front and a tanned backing.
38mm with rounded tops.

Gyprock wall plugs, screws, washers and screw caps included. Variety of screw cap colours.

Shelf (Sidetable)
Size: 300 x 400mm
Nordic (timber look) Laminate


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