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6 Tips for a Stylish and Functional Bedroom Office Setup

By April 20, 2017Featured-in

Guest blogger Chloe Taylor dives into the increasingly popular world of working from home and how to create a beautiful space within your bedroom that allows you to both work and relax. Read on for handy tips on creating a dreamy bedroom office situation…

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Entrepreneurs handling daily tasks from the comfort of their homes are really happy campers. Nevertheless, the privilege of staying tucked in bed during work hours means that the sleeping area arrangement should be tackled with due care. Designing a functional and elegant bedroom-come-office can be easy if you know which décor elements are worth your cash and how they should be organized. You don’t know the ABCs of office/bedroom setup already? You’ve come to the right place then: here’s the skinny on bedroom HQ décor to help you set up a perfect hotbed for business success.

1. Worlds apart yet close together

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For superior bedroom/office functionality, it’d be ideal to separate rest and work areas. You can achieve this by grouping the furnishings into two different units kept apart by a vacant space or by using a room divider such as a screen, curtain, macramé wall, or open-back shelving. That way, you’ll trick your mind into perceiving your work and sleeping areas as separate units, which is extremely important if you’re going to be spending most of your day cooped up at home.

2. Brace your work area for success

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The work area arrangement is important for your long-term work drive and productivity, which is why you should tend to it with special care. The best spot to perch the desk is by the window, facing outwards, instead of having the work area overlook the bed which can cause your focus to dip. If you can’t place the desk in front of the window, put it in front of a wall painted white or rocking a light pastel coat to reduce distraction during work and prevent your thoughts from wandering.

3. Furnishings gone multipurpose


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If your office/bedroom isn’t generous size-wise, you can go multipurpose with the furniture to minimize the total spatial footprint claimed by work hardware. For instance, a nightstand can double as a workstation whereas the bottom of the bed can function as seating. Still, try not to overdo the multifunctional bit as it will add to furniture wear and create the impression that work and rest areas are merged.

4. Storage that fits your work bill

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If your line of work entails piles of paper, stationery, and other business-related hardware, you’ll need adequate storage to keep the documents and other work gear organized and at hand. For a cohesive office/bedroom look, you should coordinate the bed, work area, and storage units in terms of color, texture, or material.

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Dark timber is currently all the rage in bedroom design, and painting file cabinets, shelves, or drawers, bed, and desk in the same tone will render a sense of elegance and professionalism to your bedroom-come-office.

5. The light of corporate success

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If you’re going to pursue your line of work from your sleeping area, you’ll need business-grade lighting for the task. Nothing feels worse than working in a gloomy room, so place the desk close to the window outfitted with light drapes, and upgrade the bedroom lighting with a task light or a more powerful overhead light fixture. To prevent excess eye strain during work, try not to mix natural and artificial light as it can result in impaired vision, headaches, and lower productivity and work enthusiasm in the long run. To keep tabs on utilities, you can opt for LED or CFL lights which are also better for the planet, home budget, and your health than classic incandescents.

6. The hidden business agenda

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If you don’t want to be constantly reminded of your work in your sleeping area, you can hide the workstation and PC behind closed doors. Moving the desk and PC over to the closet or wardrobe once you’re done with work for the day will prevent work-related stress from overflowing into your spare time, and it will also help preserve genuine bedroom aesthetics. If work hardware can’t fit into the storage unit, you can conceal it from plain sight using a decorative partition, Shoji screen, or a drape in a tone that seamlessly coordinates with the rest of the décor.


Ready to turn your sleeping area into a hotbed of business growth? Follow the tips listed above and peak productivity won’t fall short even on days when getting out of bed seems to difficult to handle. Good luck!



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