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Scandi Playroom

By March 16, 2016Featured-in
Scandi Playroom

Scandi Playroom |Muted tones in a dreamy kids wonderland| Fanny and Alexander Shoot

Glenn and I were thrilled to be part of the recent Fanny and Alexander scandi playroom shoot styled by Jessica Hanson and photographed by Sam Mc-Adam Cooper showcasing F&A latest products.

Argentine brand Fanny & Alexander, create beautifully crafted toys that are simple and enduring. F&A’s toys encourage fantasy, imagination, creativity, and ingenuity.

We created a custom desk to match our Two Tier Leather Strap Shelves in Tan and Blondie Timber and a set of custom plywood boxes in this dreamy scandi playroom.





About Fanny and Alexander (taken from www.fannyandalexander.com.ar):

These days, it’s the rare object in the toy chest that doesn’t require batteries. Children now are reared on a steady diet of video games and virtual reality. These experiences can be emotionally and cognitively stimulating, but risk reducing a child’s agency if undertaken to the exclusion of other forms of play.

Enter Argentine brand Fanny & Alexander, committed to enriching the lives of children with toys that are beautiful, simple and enduring. Utterly analogue, F&A’s toys encourage fantasy, imagination, creativity, and ingenuity. They also foster manual skills at the stage of life -infancy- when that is most critical. Our catalogue includes wood-carved toys, activity kits (like needlepoint and letter writing), handcrafted collectibles, and accessories.

Founder Delfina Aguilar, searching for the precise words, explains her inspiration: “It seems to me like most toys today are just…merchandise…they are movie-franchise spinoffs. I wanted to make old-fashioned, handcrafted toys, and then to create a world around that.”

Importantly, the F&A conception and design process is rigorous and addresses every aspect of the product with devotion to detail. The company’s model is sustainable: largely local raw materials—including Argentine woods good enough to be used for a dining room table—crafted by local craftsmen.

The results of this philosophy and effort speak for themselves. “Fanny & Alexander products are keepsakes… they’re objects people get sentimental about,” remarks Aguilar. “Adults have bought our canvas and leather satchels for themselves and our wood-carved cameras as decoration for their bookshelves. It appears our toys resonate with actual 5-year olds, and also with the inner 5-year old in all of us.”

Whether it is through a rigorously crafted camera with contrasting wood tones or a carefully composed correspondence kit, it’s about capturing that unique feeling of childhood from another time, today.


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