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Shelf Strap Set Only // All Colour Options


Product Description

Strap Set For Leather Strap Shelves

Create your own Leather strap shelf. Have a beautiful piece of timber or an existing shelf you want to add a bit of luxe to?

Our Leather Strap sets allow you to create your own custom shelf using our straps.


Suede Sage | Biscuit Suede | Black Suede | Mushroom Suede| Nude Leather
Rounded Top

All fixings included – wall plugs, screws and screw caps.



Medium- 32mm Leather to suit 100mm-250mm Shelf Width (2 Screw attachments per strap)
Large- 38mm Leather to suit 250mm-350mm Shelf Width (4 Screw attachments per strap)


*Shelf not included


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