Interior Design- Living Room

Given our block is a narrow lot block using black as an interior design feature and a whole black wall in a small space is not your typical interior design pathway.

We achieved an open feel living space using black by increasing our ceiling heights, using a vertically lined feature VJ wall and a slatted mirror to give an illusion of space.

Using an oversize rug on the polished concrete floors allowed us to define the area and add some softness whilst still maintaining our semi industrial  look.

Upon entry into the house we designed a feature black VJ wall to break up the entry. We also made this a hidden door into a large cupboard space to store all the un-slightly things once you walk through the door.

Furnishing this area we used a combination of bought pieces and furniture item we’ve created ourselves including the blackbutt and glass coffee table and blackbutt top side table.


Upstairs Living Room-

Bottom Picture

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