Master Bedroom/ Ensuite Interior Design

Our large open plan master bedroom and ensuite interior design is one of our favourite parts of our interior.

We wanted to create a large open space with a seamless transition between bed and bath. We chose to enhance the space but creating a custom ceiling mounted hanging mirror for the transition between bedroom and ensuite. This design allowed for the space to be clearly defined but remain open plan and free flowing.

A small study nook with a floating timber benchtop we created on the northern side of the bedroom allows for direct northerly sunlight into the room and great breezes throughout.

We used a slight rake in the ceiling and have a minimum height of 2.7m throughout the room to enhance the feeling of open space. The use of sheer curtains on the large main window soften the area and tie together the ensuite and main room.

We have currently based our bedroom interior design around a simple minimalist scandi inspired theme using our own products- leather strap bedside tables, timber bed end bench, leather strap shelf and a leather ladder to create this look.

white grid mood board

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