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Nursery Design- Creating a baby boy’s nursery

By January 5, 2016Featured-in
Nursery Design- Change Table, Shelves and Cot

Our Nephew’s Nursery


About six months ago I was given the amazing news that my sister was having a baby. As exciting thoughts of what it was going to be like to be an Aunty raced around my head. It didn’t take long before the realisation that surely it is the Aunties duty to plan and make the nursery …right?

After the congratulations were said it was straight into the vision board and countless hours trawling thought beautiful stores for little additions to the nursery. My Mum and I had a bet wheather  it would be her or me who cracked and make the first baby purchase, we both lasted an impressive week.

As Glenn and I wanted to include as many of our creations as we could in the room we got making and sending and more making and sending! As we are based in Queensland and my sister in Western Australia we decided that we would head over for Christmas and create the room on our trip even though she wasn’t due until mid-march, we were keen to get it done.

The day before, the day before Christmas …Eve

This brings us to two days before Christmas. We arrived in WA and got the team together, cue “Team Pic” of everyone holding a tool, looking useful:

All looking at camera

L-R: Mum, Glenn, Sister, Dad, Brother in Law

And what a dream team it was! For once I was off the tools and holding the clipboard and boy it felt good! “re-align the wall paper, vac the floor, a tad higher for the artwork” let’s just say the power went to my head. It didn’t last. It took around ‘not much time at all” until I was back into it, outside making the cupboard shelves and bench seat.
[It must be noted at this stage that I didn’t make said pregnant sister do any manual labour and claim no liability for what happened next]

Glenn Installing shelfGlenn installing the cupboard shelves

We’d had a very productive day installing wallpaper, shelves, benchseats, more shelves, hanging and styling. The nursery was complete. Pretty happy with our efforts and the efficiency of having completed the nursery two and a half months before the baby was due, we celebrated over dinner and called it a night.

Christmas Eve surprise

Obviously feeling the excited vibes my sister had about the completed nursery the baby decided at 4am it was time to check it out… and welcome to the world Nate Jayden weighing in a tiny 1.3kg but extremely healthy and happy.

WARNING: Completed Nurseries May Induce Labour

What an amazing Christmas surprise! Thankfully the little guy is super healthy and doing very well. Aunty H and Uncle G are a tad proud and think he is the cutest of course in an un-bias way.


The Nursery…




Photography and Styling:
Hailey McGinty (H)

Construction/Painting/Wallpaper Installation/Half time oranges:
H+G and the Family.


Where to find items from our range featured in the nursery:

Mini Roundie Leather Shelf

Two Tier Leather Strap Shelf // Roundie

Leather Ladder

Leather Handles

Custom Items

Simple Metal Shelf


Where to find items seen in the nursery:

Design Stuff Group

Weave- Hey Little Weave

Prints- Bud’s Room

Prints- The Design Find

Prints- Leo and Bella

Bedding- Cub Love

Cot and Change Table- Boori

Baby Clothes- Mimi Kids

Baby Clothes- Bonnie and Boo Shop

Baby Clothes- Daisy and Moose






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